Monday, February 27, 2012

Chain Stitch-1

TAST-2012-8th Week-Chain Stitch

The Stitch for 8th Week in TAST challenge is-Chain Stitch. The link to Sharon's page who is running this challenge is here:

Here are my efforts:
1. Chain Stitch
2. Chain Stitch with varied lengths of stitches
3. Magic Chain or Checkered Chain Stitch
4. Chain Stitch with Running Stitch
5. Chain Stitch with French Knots
6.Chain Stitch with Bullion Knots
7. Chain Stitch with Beads in the center
8. Chain Stitch whipped at the bottom
 9. Chain Stitch whipped both sides in one direction
10. Chain Stitch whipped both sides in opposite direction
11. Chain Stitch whipped as a whole
12. Two Chain Stitch rows whipped in one direction
13. Two Chain Stitch rows whipped in opposite direction
14. Chain Stitch with glass tube beads
15. Chain Stitches laced
16. Chain Stitch with beads
17. Chain Stitch laced on one side
18. Chain Stitch laced on both sides
19. Chain Stitch-each stitch laced separately
20. Chain Stitch laced from the center
21. Chain Stitch with three coloured threads (6 strands each)
22. Three Chain Stitch rows interwoven
23. Herring Bone with Chain Stitch

Well there are lots and lots of ideas but no time. I will do them sometime. So keep an eye.....

I refrained form exploring, other varieties of chain stitches as they may be featured in TAST some time in the future.


Kathleen said...

I look forward to seeing your stitching ever week. Love your stitching. Kathleen

Samira said...

I never knew there could be so many varieties of this simple plain chain stitch.. I am really very much amazed to see this.... Thanks for sharing. It indeed is a very helpful info...

Linda H said...

Great work - you did so many samples. Lovely!

Ms Sharma said...

Thanks a lot Friends. There are so many other ideas, which I will post sometime. So keep an eye on my blog