Saturday, February 4, 2012

Time for some gardening

Friends thanks to you all for your prayers and wishes. We are all slowly recovering. One thing about these viral infections is that the recovery takes a long time. One feels so week and listless and it takes lot of care and time to return back to normalcy. Any way, we are slowly recovering. 

Her it is pleasant. Days are hot , slowly becoming hotter, but still pleasant and nights are bearable, slightly chilly in the early mornings. This will continue till Shiva Ratri, on 20th of this month. Shiva Ratri is celebrated by praying, worshipping Lord Shiva. We fast and remain awake all the night which is very difficult chanting the name of the Lord, performing the rituals and praying in general, listening or reading to Shiva Purana. 

Well it is believed that according to our calendar, winter ends with Shiva Ratri. The summertime begins from the next day. This is one season I love. I love summers of India. 

Meanwhile, we have to attend to our gardens, planting the last few new plants as this is the last few days renaming for such activities. We also have to prepare the garden for the summertime. I recently attended a horticultural show and bought some plants and bulbs. I have planted some and yet to plant some.  

Here are some shots:
White and Yellow Chrysanthemums
 Yellow Chrysanthemums
 Pink roses from Kashmir
 Purple rose

The Chrysanthemums are local one and flower profusely. These are used for offering at temples and at home, for garlands and are also worn in the hair by women. Many other colours are also available. 

Davanam has aromatic leaves. It is used in garlands in combination with other flowers like jasmine, crossandras, chrysanthemums, lilies etc or on its own. It is an extremely delicate plant and caring for it is very difficult. It is a challenge for me. I bought them last year and planted but they did not survive. I have been wanting it in my garden for a long time. They are also very rarely available in this part where I live. these days very few are cultivating them. But I have them now in my garden....

I have been neglecting my plants for along time now, except for watering them regularly. I need to clean and organise my garden and prepare it for summer. This involves, grouping smaller plants under big trees for shade, pruning, manuring those plants and trees which bloom or fruit in summer. It is really a very difficult task to save plants from hot summers more so when there is shortage of water supply. There will be many casualties no matter how much care we take. So this week end and the coming week I have my hands full...

Keep a watch for more updates...