Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bindi-The Forehead Art


Here are some of the various designs of Bindis we Indian Women wear:
The long line is also known as Niluvu Bottu or the vertical Bindi.The last one is called Dosa ginza or the Cucumber seed.

This is called Chandravanka Meaning sliver of the Moon or Moon. These  were worn by the kings and princes on their foreheads. This was worn by royalty.
This is Suryavanka or Sun
This is known as Namaalu or Namam Bottu. The Long line (Niluvu Bottu) in the first photograph and these ones here are worn by a sect of Brahmins known as Vaishnavites who worship lorn Vishnu or his Incarnations.

Read about them here:

Also look at the various varities of the Naamamas here:

Wow! I never knew there were so many.
You can see here Lord Balaji wearing the Naamam.
Here You can see Lord Shiva wearing the Adda Bottu or the horizontal bindi with three lines. This is worn by all the Shaivites-that is who worship Lord Shiva.
This one is known as Kalyana Tilakam or Pendli Bottu worn by the Bride and Groom of South India especially Andhras, during the marriage ceremony.
The Groom wears only the above one. But the Bride mostly wears like this:
The yellow dots I have used are in fact white ones i.e white colour is used. Since the background is white I used yellow colour.

Well more in my next keep a watch...


Peggy said...

Welcome back! I hope your energy level improves. I so look forward to your posts. Bindi is as varied as India. The art and culture of your country has always fascinated me. You are so giving to share your knowledge here. Thank you!

Ms Sharma said...

Thanks a lot Peggy. Such comments motivate me a lot.