Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beautiful Borders/Laces-2

Velvet Laces

My previous post on this topic is here. 

I have so much to show you in laces but did not have much time. OK now here is one more of the laces used as borders for saris, dresses and odhnis or chunris. These days we find a lot of variety. One of them is the velvet lace or velvet borders.  These are available in two or three widths. I think one inch to three inches. They are just plain and available in many colours. 

The laces are available in 9meter bundles, which is required for one sari and blouse. The wholesalers buy in huge quantities and package it like that. So we need not bother how much to buy for a sari. But some of them are also available  in lesser quantities, cut according to our requirements. 

Here is the plain pink one. they are available in such beautiful and unbelievable shades of, pinks, lilacs, black, cream, blues greens etc.This would look good as a border(edge) to plain contrast coloured sari -cream, black, blue shades or even printed one which coordinates well with this colour. 
Here are two laces- thinner in width and with gold stripes. They do look pretty. There are different shades available.

I heard that fringed laces in velvet are also available. But I have not yet come across any in my daily beat. But then it has been some time since I visited my suppliers. May be this week if I visit I will see what else is new in the market.

I bought these so that I can stitch on to some of my saris or dupattas or my niece's frocks. I dint buy the wider one.  One can use the thinner lace (same or different colours) on either side with some other lace in between as a border to sari. 

Well I have not found any suitable sari for these laces. But do have a look at these. Explore and enjoy. Just give it a thought. We can also use these on cushion covers or kitchen linen, kids clothes etc. But one thing is they may not stand heavy washes and wear and tear. Gentle hand wash in mild liquid soap or dry wash may be best. I have not tried to wash it yet. 

So ? How do you like them? do let me know please.

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