Saturday, January 12, 2019


Antique Lamps Rangoli

23 dots-7 rows in the middle and straight dots up to 7 on either side

I remember my childhood days, when we used (kerosene) lanterns, in spite of having electricity, because of frequent power cuts especially during summers and rainy seasons. Those were big sized and were known as hurricane lanterns. During our exam season we had two to three lanterns kept ready and we did study many a time with their help.

The smaller size were known as kerosene lamps as shown in my Rangoli. They came in different sizes and we used kerosene and cotton wicks in them. 

Cleaning the lamp glasses was a task for the women. But we were depended on these lamps as candles were and are still costly and could not be carried from room to room as easily. These lamps also had a provision for increasing or decreasing the flame.

So today's Rangoli features those antique lamps, now forgotten with the advent of emergency lights and torches. 

Hope you like this Rangoli.

NOTE: Most of these designs are my own original creations, which I create by spending much time and after hard work. So please don't post these photos or designs (even if you draw these by your own hand) on your site or blog . Please link back to my blog. I hope you understand this and respect my request. Thank You.

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