Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Birthday Card -For Kids

Hi Guys! Hope you are doing well.  

It is a bit cloudy and cool here today. I am back after a long time. After completion of festivities in the month of Sravana and also bidding audieu to our Ganesha, I am a bit free.

But with SA-I of my students just at the end of the month, I am busy with them. With lots of festivals and holidays in between their studies have suffered a lot. None of the schools have completed their portion for the exam. They too are in holiday mood. It is so difficult to get their attention back on studies. 

I am feeling mighty tired after the festivities. Moreover, every alternate day, I have to spend more than half a day for my therapy. At the end of the day, though I am getting better little by little, I feel so exhausted. 

In between all these we are either having heavy rains or summer like temperatures. This not only drains our energies, but throws our routines into chaos. Amidst all this, I am preparing notes for my students and also spending a little time on my crafts.

But I am unable to post much. There are lots I want to share with you. 

Ok enough of my ranting. Time to share something with you.

Here it is:

One more birthday card for kids. I used some of those stickers lying with me for a long time. I need to clear them off to make way for other crafty stuff. My storage space is already overflowing. 

I folded the card stock into half and first glued the blue coloured tape. Then added the stickers. Some of them are dimensional. 

Then, I punched out a circle each from dark blue and light blue card stock. I cut dark blue circle into half.

I stamped the sentiment using black ink and then glued the circles as shown above.

Simple and easy to make ready within ten minutes.

I have many other cards to post. But can't sit for long or type for long. But will try to post more often if possible.

Materials Used:

Baby pink coloured textured card stock A4 size
Self adhesive Stickers
Blue coloured Tape
Circle punch
Scraps of dark and light blue card stock
Sentiment Stamp
Black Ink

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Ranjana's craft blog said...

Beautiful card. Visiting your blog after many months. Hope everything is fine.