Monday, March 20, 2017

Hello There

Hi Guys. Been away for long time. 

Annual (final) Exams are going on for the children. My niece completed her exams on 16th. Xth class exams are going on. Many of my students need my guidance. So I have to be available 24X7 on Whatsapp. Technology has many advantages too, which the present generation knows how to use.

Since Maths is one subject which is mostly hated and feared, I have to be available to my students, to help then with their last minute preparations. I have a tough time convincing, cajoling and what not so that my students do well in their math exam. Inspite of our  hard work, they still are nervous about this particular subject. I am not able to completely take away their fear for math. Xth being board exams, students and parents are both nervous. So I am busy most of the time.

Well I also start my summer sessions and next academic sessions from now itself. So there is so much work, enrolling new batch, interacting with parents and so on. 

So am not able to post much. 

Here the summer heat is raising day by day. We are preparing for our New Year next week. Money is again a problem as most ATMs don't have cash since last month or so. It is once again like in de-monetisation time. So we are spending every paisa with much care and only if absolutely necessary. 

See You all soon....Hope you are doing well and preparing for the summer holidays and travel.

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