Thursday, February 23, 2017

Fairy Birthday Card

Fairies and Castle in Clouds

Yes Fairies and a Castle in the clouds - that is what one of my little friend wanted in the birthday card. So she chose the elements and I helped her make the card.

I am always making and creating things in urgency with not much time on hands to plan or think of some creative elements. So I end up creating simple and easy ones.

I used a slightly textured, baby pink card stock , A4 size as base. After folding it, I glued on the blue glitter self adhesive tape.

Then added the fairy stickers and the castle. These were self adhesive 3D stickers. I stamped the Happy Birthday sentiment using blue stamping ink onto a piece of pink card stock with rounded corners. The edges were touched up with pink stamping ink using cotton swabs. This was glued on to the card using double sided dimensional tape.

Then A bit of cotton was fluffed up and added as clouds near the castle, to give a feeling that the castle was somewhere in the skies beyond the clouds. The card was finished within half an hour under the stern supervision of the little one.

The little one's favorite colours were blue and pink -it is quite obvious from the above :) but they are my favorite colours too.

My little friend was happy and elated withe the card. Shhhhh! The card was created by the little one...I only guided her. 

Hope you too like the card.

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Riya Sharma said...

Wonderful blog with beautiful handmade card pictures. Thanks for sharing.
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Ms Sharma said...

Thanks a lot Riya