Monday, February 6, 2017

Design Your Bindis - 1

Bindi- The Forehead Art- Part 11

One of my friends asked me for a simple design, easy to create in a jiffy. These days every one is using sticker or self adhesive Bindis. So I have used to them to create these designs.

Here are some Bindi Designs, using sticker Bindis. They are very easy and you can experiment to find your own favorite one.

I have used a medium sized round or circular Bindi,  small circular bindis and oblong shaped small bindi- all  in maroon colour with black edge and all are self adhesive (sticker) bindis, readily available in the markets. 

 This is a simple round bindi- maroon or dark red with black edge.
 Here I have added a small bindi in same colour.
 Here three small bindis in triangular shape with a big one.
 The same with reversed triangle
 Four small bindis with big one in the center.
 I have used small ones - 5 of them as semi circle under the big one.
 Here I have added one small one on the top to the previous design.
Here, I have used small bindis - 8 of them to surround the big bindi in the center.

Hope you like them. Watch out for more designs......

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Ranjana's craft blog said...

I love Bindi designs. I always do that using a small bindi and drawing designs with different color kumkum. Waiting to see some more designs from you.

Ms Sharma said...

Thanks a lot Ranjana,