Thursday, February 23, 2017

Fairy Birthday Card

Fairies and Castle in Clouds

Yes Fairies and a Castle in the clouds - that is what one of my little friend wanted in the birthday card. So she chose the elements and I helped her make the card.

I am always making and creating things in urgency with not much time on hands to plan or think of some creative elements. So I end up creating simple and easy ones.

I used a slightly textured, baby pink card stock , A4 size as base. After folding it, I glued on the blue glitter self adhesive tape.

Then added the fairy stickers and the castle. These were self adhesive 3D stickers. I stamped the Happy Birthday sentiment using blue stamping ink onto a piece of pink card stock with rounded corners. The edges were touched up with pink stamping ink using cotton swabs. This was glued on to the card using double sided dimensional tape.

Then A bit of cotton was fluffed up and added as clouds near the castle, to give a feeling that the castle was somewhere in the skies beyond the clouds. The card was finished within half an hour under the stern supervision of the little one.

The little one's favorite colours were blue and pink -it is quite obvious from the above :) but they are my favorite colours too.

My little friend was happy and elated withe the card. Shhhhh! The card was created by the little one...I only guided her. 

Hope you too like the card.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Design Your Bindis - 3

Bindi - The Forehead Art - Part 13

Here are some more Bindi designs.

I have used, an oval, tear drop and few small circular bindis.

Hope you try them. You can vary the sizes of the bindis.

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Easy and Simple Cards

Hello there! Hope you are all doing well. Here the temperatures are slowly soaring up as we are approaching Shiva Ratri- the official day from which our summers start as per our traditional calendars. 

I am still busy cleaning and organising. Phew! Lots to do yet. My garden needs attention. I need to repot and do lots of cleaning up amongst other things. Well this is a never ending process.

Here is one card which is very simple and easy to make. 

I used A4 size baby pink  lightly textured card as the base. I could not capture the colour correctly. No matter how I tried, it is showing peach colour. Any pundits here who can give me some tips on how to get perfect photos? please do help me with some tips and suggestions.

I used two types of glitter self adhesive tapes. After folding the card, I stuck the two tapes as shown below.

Then I added felt flowers with smiling faces. I stamped out the sentiment in black ink on a pink card stock, touched up the edges with pink stamping ink and glued it to the card. Lo the card was ready.

This was done in just few minutes. I needed a card urgently and could not think of something which was much complicated.

Materials Used:

Baby pink textured card stock - A4 size
Glittered self adhesive tapes
Felt flowers
Small piece of Pink card stock
Sentiment stamp
Black and Pink Stamping Inks
Glue, double sided self adhesive tapes

I have many cards in various stages of progress. Mostly, I am stuck with stamping part- which is not one of my favorite things to do. With temperatures soaring and power cuts now and then it is difficult to attend to so many things at a time.

Keep watching my blog.....

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Design Your Bindis - 2

Bindi - The Forehead Art - Part 12

Here are some more designs for you. Very simple ones.

I have used circular, drop shaped and oval shaped sticker bindis. You can use bigger or smaller sizes of these bindis as they are available in different sizes.

Hope you like these designs. Watch out for more in my next posts.

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Friday Free Pattern- Valentine Day Special

My Heart Beats For You...

Here is a pattern I am posting for you on Saturday rather than Friday. Sorry for the delay. I have to attend to all my pending matters, held up due to the demonetization. I wanted to embroider the pattern before posting. So It took me some time.

Since Valentine Day is fast approaching, the theme of the pattern is centered on it. 

I first drew the pattern and digitized it. Then printed it out. 

Since I was stitching it on a hand kerchief which was made of fine cotton, I could place the design under the cloth and easily trace it.  

This is how it looked after tracing it with a pencil.
First I started with the heart. I stitched the outline in Chain Stitch. Then filled it using buttonhole Filling Stitch. Then stitched the flourishes on either side using, Stem Stitch.
I have used red coloured Pearl Cotton thread from Anchor - single strand.
So my embroidery looks like this.
You can use other stitches, threads according to your liking. I feel this pattern looks good on hankys, blouses, shirts, -sleeves and pockets, kids garments, small bags or purses, pillow cases, cushion covers. 

Here is the free pattern

Just try it out and please share your work. I would love to see how it turned out. I hope this pattern is easy to down load and print and the size is also OK.  If there are any issues with downloading and printing, please mail me. I am not well versed with digitizing drawings. I tried my best.

Hope you like it...

Please Note:
  • These designs  are my own creations.
  • All images and text in this post are copyrighted and all rights are reserved. 
  • You can use them for your personal use only. 
  • If you use them, please send me the pictures of your work using these patterns, which I will post on my blog 
  • OR  if you post your work using these patterns on your blog or site please link to the original pattern here on my blog and let me know about it. I would appreciate that very much. 
  • If you want to share them please attribute the work to me, with link back to this blog. 
  • Please do not re-publish or Post the patterns or my work on your site or blog or any where or distribute my photos or text.
I hope you will respect my request.

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Design Your Bindis - 1

Bindi- The Forehead Art- Part 11

One of my friends asked me for a simple design, easy to create in a jiffy. These days every one is using sticker or self adhesive Bindis. So I have used to them to create these designs.

Here are some Bindi Designs, using sticker Bindis. They are very easy and you can experiment to find your own favorite one.

I have used a medium sized round or circular Bindi,  small circular bindis and oblong shaped small bindi- all  in maroon colour with black edge and all are self adhesive (sticker) bindis, readily available in the markets. 

 This is a simple round bindi- maroon or dark red with black edge.
 Here I have added a small bindi in same colour.
 Here three small bindis in triangular shape with a big one.
 The same with reversed triangle
 Four small bindis with big one in the center.
 I have used small ones - 5 of them as semi circle under the big one.
 Here I have added one small one on the top to the previous design.
Here, I have used small bindis - 8 of them to surround the big bindi in the center.

Hope you like them. Watch out for more designs......

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