Sunday, January 1, 2017


New Year Rangoli

Rangoli- 333

Well it is CELEBRATION TIME. Keeping the festive spirit in mind I have created this Rangoli.

We have welcomed New Year. For celebrating, I have Chocolate cakes, toffees, sweets, Ice Creams and then flowers. So what are you waiting for? Light the candles, cut the cake, celebrate with family and friends. 

21 dots - 5 rows in the center, then 19, 17, 15.....till 5 dots. All straight dots through out. I tried to decorate the cake with a silver ink pen. But it is not showing out properly. While drawing it on the floor, we can decorate using white, gold or silver colours.

Hope you like it. Then try it out it is very easy.

Watch out for more. 

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