Monday, January 30, 2017

Cupcake Birthday Card

Hi guys. been a long time. I am battling with termites. Yes. I have lost many of my old books 😭. Most of my dolls, which I use for the Bommala Koluvu, during Sankranti were completely damaged. 

Dolls made of cloth, wood or paper or such materials were completely eaten off. Dolls made of clay or plaster of paris were damaged beyond repair. That is, they are covered with grime or tubes or trails-I don't know what to call them. I cannot wash them, as they get damaged. So I had to throw them away.

A few of the dolls made of glass or ceramics, I could wash them with a lot of hard work. But they were not damaged. So I lost much of my doll collection. Now I have still one or two trunks to clean up. I got so depressed with all the damage and grime, I put off my cleaning. 

Before I could take it up again, we were hit by demonetisation. Going around the banks for depositing and withdrawing money was a real tiring task. So or the past two months all our works stand suspended as we don't have cash to pay.  We had to struggle a lot. We had to cut off much of our spending, even for our daily needs.

Now it is getting better. But still people are wary to spend money. Market is also very dull. Hmmm...

So there it is. In between all this, we had our festivals, birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate, which could not be celebrated much because of the money factor.

OK now here is my card, which I made for my niece's best friend for her birthday. Here again, I had to make do with what I had, as market was very dull at that time and I did not have much cash in hand to spend on craft materials.

Yellow part is the background on which I placed my card for taking photograph.

Now here is what I did.

I have used white card stock and on it cupcake printed paper as back ground fot the cup cake. Here are the steps:

  • Folded the A4 size white card stock
  • Cut the cup cake patterned paper to required size 
  • Glued it to the card stock
  • Glued the sentiment printed ribbon on to the card
  • Glued the rose with the leaves on the ribbon added to the card
  • Cut the pink corrugated paper in cup shape.
  • Cut the cream coloured hand made paper in a semi circle shape(almost)
  • Cut the chocolate sauce part from the dark brown handmade paper.
  • Punched out a small cherry from dark pink metallic paper 
  • Glued the chocolate part to the cream coloured semicircle
  • Glued, the cherry on top of the chocolate
  • Glued the coloured crystals to the cake.
  • Now glued the cup to the cake part
  • Tied the pink satin ribbon to the cup-secured it with glue from under side of the cup
  • Tied the bow on the surface of the cup and glued it.
  • I attached the cup cake to the card with the help of dimensional tape to give it a raised effect
  • Finally attached the butterfly sticker on the cup cake.
It looks yummy isn't it?

Hope I have not missed out any part. I was really happy to find the sentiment printed ribbon in my stash. I am not so good with stamping yet. Especially, if I have to add a sentiment to the card. Slightest mistake can ruin it. Moreover, many of the coloured inks, don't print well. Using black may not gel with all cards. So there it is. It is one of my best cards so far....

Materials Used:

White card stock A4 size
Cupcake patterned paper
Dark Brown Hand made paper
Cream coloured Hand made paper
Pink metallic paper.
Pink corrugated paper
Pink satin ribbon
Sentiment printed Ribbon
Butterfly sticker
Rose with leaves sticker
Small Circle Punch
Coloured crystals
Dimensional tape and glue

Hope you like it.

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