Thursday, August 11, 2016

Rangoli - 325

Here is one more Rangoli for VaraLakshmi Puja.

This time it Kalash with Swastika. We use Kalash for this Puja. Goddess Lakshmi likes Lotuses or water lilies whatever you call them. I am always confused and can't differentiate between the two.

This is 21 to 1 dot straight dots. I have used red, yellow, saffron colours as it is an auspicious religious occasion. I have used pinks for the lotuses. 

I have kept it simple. We can't waste time on Rangoli alone when there is lots to be done. Do you agree with me?

Hope you like it. Please do try it and let me know.

I do have lots of designs but no time to post. Need to prepare everything for tomorrows Puja...

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Hi guys, I am posting some Rangoli. These are simple and easy Chain Rangoli. 

Tomorrow is Varalakshmi Vratam. We worship Goddess Lakshmi-Goddess of wealth. I am posting some small Rangoli, which can be easily drawn in the front yard or inside the house.

You can easily see the dots used. I have posted variations of swastika. 

If you are drawing this before your Puja Mandir, you can prepare the base of turmeric powder sprinkled in circular or square shape,  and on it use rice flour for the dots, then draw the designs using red Sindoor(vermilion). This is considered auspicious for religious purposes and Puja.

Swastika is an auspicious symbol used by Hindus and denotes prosperity, luck, security etc. 

Hope you like it.....

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Hello There


Hope you are all doing well. For the past few days we have had no power supply for long hours. My net connectivity was also down. There was no way for me to post .

It is quite sultry here. My personal work is not yet completed. But I will try to post. 

We are into cleaning our home preparing for the VaraLakshmi Puja and Rakhi. With frequent heavy showers it is wet and sticky. It is not easy to attend to our cleaning schedule even if it is indoors. Neither can we go out. But we do need the water as last few years we faced high day temperatures and drought like situations.

Watch out for Rangolis  among other things.....

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hi Friends

Hi Friends. Sorry for not posting for some time now. I am busy with some personal work and in between heavy rains, I am out most of the time running from pillar to post. It is sort of urgent and has to be fixed at the earliest.

But I have lots to show you. Many new Rangolis. From tomorrow it is the month of Shravana(Sawan ka mahina) for us here. All of us ladies will be performing Puja on Tuesdays and Fridays for the good of our families, health and prosperity. 

Meanwhile here is one of my previous Rangolis. 

The link is HERE

Then there is also Rakhi fast approaching. I have made many cards and am in the process of making Rakhis too. But not able to take photographs of them as I am working late into the nights.

Then there is the shopping to be done for these festivals as we will be giving gifts to women on Tuesdays and Fridays, along with vermilion, turmeric, beetle leaves, and other such things. I will write about that later.

Any way I promise that I will not let you down. Once my personal matters are settled,  I will post. 

Till then bear with me.

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