Monday, July 11, 2016

Fairy Birthday Card

Hi there. Its been raining here for the past few days. Just showers on and off through out the day as well as night. It is all wet and muddy outside. I am not venturing out to markets unless it is absolutely necessary. 

So I am doing some cleaning and weeding out trash and also reorganising my huge stash of hobby materials, daily for some time. Then, I am spending time on my crafts and also trying out new recipes. 

Here is one more birthday card:

This card has been designed for a little girl.

I started with a soft pink textured card. First attached the blue printed tape. 

Do you believe in Fairies? I certainly do. I feel children should believe in Fairies and miracles. That is why I chose the Fairy theme and attached a fairy with the magic wand. 

What do little ones want on their birthday? Gifts, isn't it? So I attached a gift near the wand - as if the gift materialized by her magic. 

Then, I came across the wonderful dimensional sticker sentiment. This suited the theme of the fairy I chose. 

Next I stamped out the Birthday sentiment, on a circle punched it out of light blue hand made paper.

I always like CAS cards; easy to make and specially for children, I prefer not much clutter on the card.

I am making more cards but they are in various stages.

I don't much like the stamping part. It is all messy and I need to have all my supplies around me. One has to be very careful, in cleaning the stamps and our hands every time we stamp as there is always the danger of using an uncleaned stamp on an ink pad or smudging the greeting cards. 

So I am keeping the stamping part for the last. One day I will stamp out the various sentiments required for my finished cards.

Then there are also the envelopes. I am trying to make matching ones. Here the problem is getting the matching colour or design paper and in right thickness. Here we don't have the availability of materials is very limited and mostly what we want may not be available. So one has to make something out of the available ones.

If I have to post, it then, I have to keep in my mind the weight of the card along with the envelope.  Postage is costly. 

Hope you like my card.

Materials Used:

Light pink textured card stock
Printed self adhesive tape
Some 3D stickers
Light Blue hand made paper
Circle  Punch
Sentiment stamp and black ink

Watch out for more.....

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Arti said...

That's such a lovely card. Little girls will love it for sure!

Ms Sharma said...

Thank you Arti