Sunday, June 5, 2016

Card Making Kits

Hello there. We are having some showers here. Day temperatures are down. But it is still sultry. With frequent thunder storms, power cuts have become regular feature. So I have to do all my work as fast as possible-whether it is my daily chores or any other work related with electricity very quickly. We are always apprehensive as to when there will be a power cut. If we are stuck in the middle of doing something, then we have to wait until we get back electricity. 

One of my friends gifted me some card making kits. It was some time back and I din't even have time to open and inspect it. Recently, I opened it. Look what I found.

Three different colour card stock, folded and ready to use, three envelopes(white), some embellishments and double sided tape cut into neat little squares.

I felt that the size of cards was way too small. Any way while trying to make the cards, I ended up adding my own embellishments, as some of the one provided were too small.

Here is the first card I made.

I added the purple plaid self adhesive tape, some crystals and the butterfly from my own stash. The butterfly seems to be a little big for the size of the card or the embellishments. But that was the smallest I had and in matching colours.

I jazzed up the white envelope by adding the plaid tape to match the card.  I have not added the sentiment. I made it as all occasion card. I will add required sentiment when I have to give it away.

I think for a beginner or a novice, this kit may be of help. They don't have to buy all the required materials from different places, which is not only time consuming but also costly. But for a crafters like me, who has so much of stash lying around, I think, I prefer to do it in my way, choosing what I like and goes well with the theme or the card. 

What do you think about this card? Watch out, I will be posting, other cards I made.

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Ranjana's craft blog said...

Though the card size in the kit is small, you have made it very attractive. Lavender color looks very cute with the butterfly.

Ms Sharma said...

Thank You Ranjana :)