Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Back To School Card

It is cloudy here. Just a little rain. Not even reaching the parched earth. Very humid. Still waiting for proper showers so that I can carry on with my work in the garden.

Here is a card made last week. It is back to school time here.

As usual I was under pressure to make these cards with no time at all. I am posting only one card as I couldn't take photos of other cards.

The base is white card stock. I have attached polka dot printed tapes pink and blue colours. Then the stickers of slate, bag, book and colour pencils. I punched out a circle from pink card stock and stamped  the Good Luck message with black ink. I attached it to the card with double sided foam tape.

I attached the same printed tapes to a white envelope and stamped the  sentiment in pink and blue coloured inks. 
So. Here it is.

As of now, I am making only simple cards. I am busy with cleaning my home and garden for the monsoon, in between attending to my other chores. I think I need more confidence and spare time before I experiment with some of my creative ideas. 

Thank God the pickling season is over for now. It is a lot of work. Need some time to rest.
But I enjoy pursuing my hobbies and creating something new every day. 

Materials used:

White Card Stock-Ivory Sheet
Polka dots printed self adhesive tapes
Black, pink and blue coloured inks for stamping

Hope you like it. 

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