Thursday, March 24, 2016


Happy, Joyous and Fun filled Holly to all of you. Some celebrated yesterday and some are celebrating today. Be Happy and Celebrate the colourful Nature at its best in this Spring season.

Well I am back after a long time. Been busy with teaching and coaching children. I always enjoy teaching. But with children we need lots of patience and dedication. I also had to build my life all over again after a crisis which changed my life completely. I am still struggling- sometimes up and sometimes down. I still am battling. But thanks to my family and my dear friends who are with me in these difficult time. So I could not concentrate on my blog.

Now I have a break between my teaching schedules. So this time I will concentrate on my blogs and try to post. :) This is what I always think. Especially one of my New Year resolutions was to post frequently on my blogs. Well let us see what happens.

It is already hot here- unbearable. The temperatures are soaring. It is only March and Spring season. It is unusually hot at this time of year and we are also facing a water crisis. I am struggling with my garden. So what happens in peak summer -in April, May and June, we are afraid to even think about it. 

Oh by the way, I have organised most of my craft materials-at least ninety percent of it. Thank God for that. It gave me something to do when I needed to keep myself occupied and filled me with some enthusiasm and creative ideas. Now I know where my various craft stuff is-all neatly organised. 

One of these days I will post about my stash.

Well I am into paper crafts and have been doing some work there. So watch out for it. I will be posting. 

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