Friday, January 15, 2016


Wishing you all 
a very Happy
Prosperous, Joyous 
Pongal, Makara Sankranti and Lohri 

This festival is celebrated across India with different names. Enjoy the holidays and the festivities.

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Rangoli - 323

Flower vases and Kites

21 dots - 3 rows in the center to 3. This is the season for flying kites. Especially in the North India, people fly kites on Sankranti. So I used kites. I wanted to be alittle different this time. So I opted for flower vases. Hope you like it. 

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Rangoli - 322

Here is one Rangoli for the Sankranti Day.

26 dots - 2 rows in the center to 2 dots.

The pots are Pongal pots-Pongal a sweet made of rice, milk and jaggery. The red squares are the small stools (Chowki in Hindi) with swastika for the Gods to be invited and offered Pongal.

It is very simple and easy to colour.

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Rangoli - 321

Here is a very simple one. 

I have left space in the middle where we can write the wishes like Wish You Happy Pongal or for any other festival. This Rangoli is a combination of 5X5 blocks. 

Hope you like it.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


This is 16 dots 4 rows in the center, to 4 dots. Swastikas and flowers to celebrate the festival. 

Tomorrow is Bhogi or the Eve of Sankranti. We celebrate it by getting up very early before the sun rise,  cleaning our homes and yards of the junk, throwing out and burning the junk by lighting bonfires which also helps us to combat this chilly winter weather. We draw Rangolis in our yards or before our door steps, fill them with colours, decorate with flowers, Gobbis. Decorate our doorways with mango leaves and flowers. We then have a head bath following traditional procedures. Then we start our preparations for the big day of Sankranti. 

This is the time for all of us to go to our native villages and towns where the festivities are carried out as per age old traditions. Since this is basically a harvest festival to celebrate the bringing home of the produce of main harvest., it is best celebrated in our villages. 

This is also the time to celebrate the Sun entering the Zodiac sign of Makara that is Capricorn marking the start of auspicious phase of six months there after. Also this marks the start of spring season and warmer and longer days.

This is a major harvest festival celebrated through out India. 

All of our relatives gather in our ancestral homes. Newly married daughters are invited and the couple are showered with lots of gifts. We all receive and give gifts to our near and dear ones. 

Watch out for more.....

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Friends I am so sorry I could not post Rangolis all these days.  There was some problem with my net. It is not resolved completely but for the time being I think I can post. 

I created many Rangolis for this Dhanurmaasam. But alas I could not post. Any way here are some I am going to post from today.

You can see from the above Rangoli that I have joined blocks of 4X4 and 5X5 Rangolis. The center is Swastika, which is also a 5X5 block. 

You can extend this Rangoli by adding blocks according to your choice.

Hope you like it. Since the festival is from tommorrow wtch out for more Rangolis.

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