Thursday, December 17, 2015

Rangoli - 317

Pumpkin Flowers and Gobbillu

15 dots- 3 rows in the center, 13, 11, 9......till 3, straight dots. You can follow the design from the picture above. 

Gobbillu are cow dung shaped into balls or pyramid shape, decorated with flowers (pumkin and marigold flowers), turmeric and vermilion  and kept on the Rangolis and worshiped. 

It is known as Gobbi Puja. It is done through out this month till Sankranti. They are made and worshipped daily morning and evening and each day they are patted to a wall to make cow dung cakes. Once thoroughly dried they are used as fuel. These cow dung cakes are biodegradable and cheap, made by every house in the villages. However the  Gobbi cow dung cakes are used for the sacred fire on the Rath Saptami Day when sun God is worshiped. 

Gobbi as per some peoples opinion is Gowri Devi or Consort of Lord Shiva and worshipped as such by maiden girls for a good husband and good future. Some feel that Goobi means Gopis. meaning cow herd girls also known as Gopikas, Gopemma. They were known for their devotion to Lord Krishna. 

So in this Rangoli, I have drawn Gobbi (cow dung balls) with marigold flowers and pumpkin flowers in between. I will write about these in detail in another post.

Watch out for more Rangolis....

NOTE: These designs are my own original creations, which I create by spending much time and after hard work. So please don't post these photos or designs (even if you draw these by your own hand) on your site or blog . Please link back to my blog. I hope you understand this and respect my request. Thank You.

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