Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Rangoli - 315

Hello Friends!

It has been a long time since I posted. I was busy with many personal matters and also my health was on and off. 

Ok, from tomorrow we are starting  our Dhanurmasam-and the month long Rangoli till Sankranti. I will be posting Rangolis. Hope you like them.

Here is my first one for the season:

Flowers and berries

16 dots- 2 rows in the center, 14, 12 and so on straight dots till 2 dots. You can easily follow the rest.

Sorry for the ugly watermark. But so many of my creations have been stolen by others who put them on their sites and blogs even claiming the copyright. 

Well look out for more Rangoli designs......

NOTE: These designs are my own original creations, which I create by spending much time and after hard work. So please don't post these photos or designs (even if you draw these by your own hand) on your site or blog . Please link back to my blog. I hope you understand this and respect my request. Thank You.

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