Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Fly Stitch-1

TAST-2015-Week1-Fly Stitch

The challenge for first week is Fly Stitch. You can see the details and instructions for the stitch here;

Week 1- Fly Stitch

This is my attempt. The first few doodles.

I was just warming up. So 12 bands so far.

Watch out for more on this Fly Stitch in my next posts.

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TAST - 2015

TAST has begun again. Here is the link to the announcement of the starting of the challenge.

If you are new to this visit the above link, read the instructions and join the challenge. I have been waiting for this to begin. It is so exciting to participate in this challenge. We also get to see so much of creative embroidery.

Here is some eye candy from my previous TAST challenges;

So keep an eye on my blog for my my posts on TAST. 

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