Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Inchies Sampler - Square - 11

This is my 11th block. 

Here the theme is the Sun gently shining upon my Home- Sweet Home. My garden full of greenery and colourful flowers swaying gently in the wind.

After long periods of heavy showers, when Nature is revived from the hot and dusty Summer, and is smiling with lots of greenery and blooming flowers, the Sun suddenly appears from behind the curtain of the clouds, to take a peek at the earth below. 

This is my home with Sun gently smiling upon us. 

Though we (all life forms and Nature) desperately wanted the rains during the long hot summers, to quench our thirst and drench our parched throats, we the worshipers of Sun cannot live with out Him for long. We want Him shining upon us but gently, providing the warmth and sun-shine. 

Oh! What a feeling.

I have used pearl and stranded cotton threads.

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