Monday, January 26, 2015



Here is my special Rangoli for the Republic Day and Ratha Sapthami:

This 27 dots 7 times to 7 dots- straight dots.

Here is a closer look.

This is my Original creation. Please don't copy or download this and post on your sites as your own. If you want to share please link here.

Since it is republic Day and our guest for the parade is Mr Barack Obama, President of USA, I have designed this Rangoli with, Indian flag, our national flower- Lotus, our national fruit-Mango, USA's  flag and their national flower-Rose.


The toffees near the flags are the orange flavored ones which (I remember in my child hood days) were distributed to children after flag hoisting in our schools.

The rising sun you see is not only the new beginning in Indo-US relationship but also because today is Ratha Sapthami. Flowers are our offerings to Sun God.

The butterflies are keeping in with the festive spirit.

Hope you like this


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Thursday, January 15, 2015



23 dots 5 times to 5 straight dots.
Sorry for such a bad picture. At present I can't do better than this.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Rangoli - 305

Here is Rangoli for Bhogi

21 dots 3 times to 3 dots - straight dots

Try this

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ribbon Embroidery

Hi friends!

Its been long time. Well let me wish you a belated Happy New Year. 

Like every year, this year  I have made resolutions. Let us see how much I can implement them. 

Here is my ribbon work completed at last. I have used satin ribbons and threads or floss (cotton -stranded, pearl and silk  thread). The back ground is unbleached cotton fabric circular in shape.

This was my first attempt at ribbon work, one of my old projects started but not finished. it was difficult for me to stitch on the fabric as the fabric was very thick. But I have completed it at last. I took this up as a test project to learn the stitches and gain some experience before taking up silk ribbon embroidery. 

I wanted to use as many stitches as possible. This was one of my projects where I began without any planning or sketch and just went on adding the motifs, as I proceeded with my embroidery. I love this way as it gives me more freedom to be creative. 

Please do leave your comments and criticisms. I would like to know how I have done this.

Oh! by the way can any one tell me where to get Silk Ribbons for embroidery in India? I would be grateful if you can give me the address please.

Watch out my blog for more........

Friday, January 9, 2015


This is a simple 5X5 block. Four of such blocks have been joined here. You can join any number of such blocks and make it a bigger design. You can join continuously or alternatively leaving a gap in between as shown above. 

This can be used for puja also especially Ganesh or Lakshmi puja or for any other puja. 
Watch out for more.....

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Here is a chain Rangoli.

This is 21 dots in the center, then, 19, 17, 15 dots -5 times then 5, 3, 1 -on either side.  Just look at the design and  the dot pattern will be  clear.

Start from the center or start from one of the sides and proceed to the center. This is very simple and easy but looks big enough. If you space out the dots it will be much bigger.

You can use colour powders for drawing instead of the traditional white powder since it is difficult to colour these chain Rangolis.

I drew it in haste, so it is not neat. Sorry for that. 

Watch out for more........

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Friends due to some personal problems, I could not post Rangolis as promised. I am sorry for the disappointment. Though I have created the Rangolis well in advance, I could not post them. I know that now only a few days are remaining for the Pongal festival.

But now, I am going to post some designs shortly. Please bear with me. 

Do keep an eye on my blog please.....

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