Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Design A Day-Day 6

Day-6: Here I am once again. This is my 6th handkerchief. All the patterns I have tried so far are simple, small and easy to embroider. I took only half an hour to complete one hand kerchief-that is from drawing the pattern to finishing my embroidery.

 I started with the pattern drawn directly on the cloth.
I have used Pearl cotton thread. I have used one more shade of light green, which is not shown in the picture.

Stitches used were Stem and Detached Chain. With just two stitches and two colours, I could get this beautiful floral embroidery. 
Here is the pattern for you. You can use different colours and stitches as per your choice.

Hope you have liked my patterns so far. 

If you use these patterns, please send me the pictures, or post it on you blog/site and let me know. 

These designs were created by me. You can use them for your personal use only. If you use them, please send me the pictures of your work, which I will post on my blog or if you post them on your blog or site please link to the original pattern here on my blog and let me know about it. I would appreciate that very much. If you want to share them please attribute the work to me, with link back to this blog. Do not re-publish. Please Don't Post the patterns on your site or blog. I hope you will respect my request.

Watch out for more....


socialsue said...

I thought I would try out some of your free patterns to learn hand embroidery stitches but I don't know how to print out the patterns. It doesn't show up when I click on copy then print the design.


Ms Sharma said...

Sue, right click on the pattern and click on "open link in new tab". This will open the pattern in separate window/tab. Now right click on this pattern(opened in new tab) and click on print.

I think this time you can print it.

If still you are not able to print it let me know please.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please do post the link to the finished pattern so that we all can see it. Thank you.