Monday, February 10, 2014

Design A Day-Day 5

Here is Day-5. With many power cuts, I have to schedule all my tasks within the short time that power is supplied. So I am posting it very late today. Sorry for that.
As usual started with the pattern drawn directly on the cloth.
These were were 6 strand cotton floss I used. I used 3 strands mostly except for the stems and few leaves where I sued all 6 strands.
After stitching the three big flowers, I added two small ones. One more colour- pale pink floss was also used. 

Stitches used were: Stem, Chain, Detached Chain, Eyelet, star stitch and French Knots. For the bigger flowers, I used eyelet and French knots. For the smaller ones, I used star or double cross stitch. 

My eye let stitch used for the bigger flowers was not at all satisfactory. I could have done much better. Perhaps I should have used only two strands instead of three. I wanted to do them again but finally decided to let them be. 
So this is the final pattern. Try it out and see. You can use any other stitches you like. 

These designs were created by me. You can use them for your personal use only. If you use them, please send me the pictures of your work, which I will post on my blog or if you post them on your blog or site please link to the original pattern here on my blog and let me know about it. I would appreciate that very much. If you want to share them please attribute the work to me, with link back to this blog. Do not re-publish. Please Don't Post the patterns on your site or blog. I hope you will respect my request.

Watch out for next posts......

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