Friday, February 21, 2014

Design A Day-Day 15

Here I am with  pattern for Day 15. Once more it is a small pattern with simple stitches.

 I stated with this pattern. I drew it directly on to the cloth.
I used 6 strand cotton floss and all of the 6 strands-2 shades of blue, light green and pink. Stitches used were, Detached Chain, Back Stitch and Chinese Knots. I added the Chinese Knot buds later which was not in the pattern I originally started with to fill in the spaces between the flowers.

After finishing the embroidery I realised that thought it was looking great, I should have used 2 strands or even pearl cotton as the ground cloth was fine cotton. It would look more delicate. Next tine I will do that.
Here is the pattern. I have altered it a bit and made it more symmetrical. It would look great on Kitchen/bed linen, blouses, kurtas, napkins, hand towels, children wear etc. You can use different colours or stitches and see how it looks. 

I am very happy that I kept my promise and posted for a fortnight without a break. Hope you like my patterns. I will take a break for this week end and see whether I can come up with more patterns. 

These designs were created by me. You can use them for your personal use only. If you use them, please send me the pictures of your work, which I will post on my blog or if you post them on your blog or site please link to the original pattern here on my blog and let me know about it. I would appreciate that very much. If you want to share them please attribute the work to me, with link back to this blog. Do not re-publish. Please Don't Post the patterns on your site or blog. I hope you will respect my request.

Keep an eye on my blog and watch out for more patterns and my work as I am determined to finish all my WIPs and also start new projects....


Peggy in Frankfort,KY said...

All the motifs are beautiful! I have saved them for stitching a very special project. I will keep you posted on my progress. Good luck with all your projects. :)

Ms Sharma said...

Thank You Peggy

Hugs and love