Sunday, January 5, 2014

Punch Craft Greeting Card

I am always looking forward to trying out different crafts, medias and methods for creating something new. Though I have had punch craft materials with me since long, some how I did not have time to try it. The other day(actually on New Years Eve), my niece was bored (as she finished her term exams but her friends were busy preparing for it) and to keep her occupied I pulled out my Punch Craft materials and tried it.

At first it was difficult to use the punches as they were very hard. But after punching a few times, it became easy. My niece was more interested in the papers left out after punches rather than the punched shapes.

Here is what she did with them with a little help from me. she prepared a greeting card:

She cut the edges of a thick paper with craft scissors and stuck the punched out strips of paper on it. Then she added some punched flowers. A little scrap of fabric, was edged with lace and glued on as curtain. Beneath that she wrote her message.
You can see the punched out strips here and the message. 

I was happy that she was occupied for an hour or so and tried her hand creating something new. 

I have the punched flowers and leafs with me. I wanted to create some thing with them. But I don't have time right now, as I am busy with cleaning my house on war footing and and preparing for the on coming festival of Sankranti.

Watch out for more paper crafts.....

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