Saturday, October 19, 2013

Rangolis For Diwali

Hi Friends. Watch out for some new Rangoli designs for Diwali. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hi Friends

Friends, I am sorry, I could not post any Rangoli designs for Dasara. I am still not feeling well. This year with the political situation in my State being not good at all, with no public transportation and the families of employees as well as the common man suffering due to agitation for the past two months, some how we also did not feel like celebrating the festival. And my niece also met with an accident, which shook us up. Now she is well.

Dasara being a religious festival, we just stuck to our prayers, fasts and other rituals during the past 9 days. But there was no enthusiasm or fun. No celebrations. Since the Navaratras are good and auspicious, I got on with my puja and meditation as much as I could do. I some how managed. So I could not do any thing else after wards as I felt tired after my sessions. 

With the cyclone Phailin's threat, we were worried about our friends and relatives staying in the path of the cyclone. We kept on praying for them and watching the news day and night. But luckily, the human loss was not much due to timely action by the Govt. Still the loss to the infrastructure and the coconut, cashew plantations and other crops is really very devastating to the farmers. We are grateful to God that there was not much loss of life. 

I just hope that I will post some nice Rangolis for Diwali at least. I am still not able to pick up any crafts or arts. I don't know when I will be able to. I hope that it will be soon. I have never stayed away from my hobbies for so long and I am also getting bored and frustrated. 

I thank all of my friends who have sent me very lovely mails and messages motivating me and filling me with lots of cheer and hope. God Bless You all.

Hope to be with you soon.......