Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hello to my Friends and Visitors

Hello Friends. I am still not up to doing much. I thought I was back to normal, when I posted in July that I was going to get back to my blog. But I suffered from an attack of viral infection and allergy again.  With that, I slipped back into my previous phase. 

I don't feel like doing any thing at all. I am yet to organise all my personal affairs after the crisis. I am slowly coming out of it. Sometimes again slipping back into the gloom and depression. When this happens, I just don't feel like doing any thing at all. 

Added to that my health is not up to the mark troubling me now and then. My right hand is still giving me trouble. So I can't do anything for long. Typing is also difficult. Then there are family crisis too. Phew! my hands are full. 

I am not able to concentrate much on anything right now. So I have stopped all my crafts and hobbies. Just getting my day to day activities done is a challenge now. 

And as if all these things are not enough, my computer and internet  are also giving me lot of trouble. My brother is working on it as I don't know much of the technicalities. Just the other day I though everything was fixed. But again I am having some problem. 

So I am taking one day at a time. I need to rest some more. Until I feel I can face it all and get back to my older self, I don't think  I will touch any activity. But still the artist in me keeps on poking me. Though I get lots of ideas and projects, I am not able to get into executing them. 

However, I was working on some new Rangolis-nearly 50 of them, I think. But I need to fair them and colour them. I will try to post some for Dasara. 

So there you are, I am not able to post anything as of now. But still, keep a watch, as I may post some Rangolis. And If I get well soon, I may start posting again......

Also thanks to all of you who are praying for me. Your wishes and mails keep me motivated.....