Thursday, August 15, 2013


Vara Lakshmi Vratam Special

This is 21 dots-3 rows to 3- straight dots. I have kept it very simple and easy. Hope you like it. 

The Kalasam (pot with mango leaves and coconut) is used in the Vratam or ritual. So I drew that. The pots can be coloured using free flowing colours or coloured sand. The rest of the Rangoli can be drawn directly using coloured powders/sand, instead of drawing and filling up it with colours, to save time.

I have used yellow, green, orange red and terracotta colours as this is an auspicious occasion. However, a touch of blue has been given, to break the brightness of the other colours.

I kept it simple because, I don't want to spend much time on the Rangoli tomorrow. There is lots and lots to be done in the kitchen(cooking, sweets, savories and other snacks) and also the Puja. The decoration of the Goddess Lakshmi itself takes so much time. It is ok, if there are other women or girls in the house to help. But doing all this single handedly is tiresome. This requires, lots of energy and time. Though I have created elaborate and big designs, I posted this, as I feel it is difficult to draw these on the D-Day as there will be no time. 

Wishing you all a happy Vara Lakshmi Vratam and I pray that all of us and our families are blessed by the Goddess with, Health Wealth, Peace, Prosperity and Happiness.....

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