Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Independence Day Special

Here is the Rangoli specially for Independence Day. This can also be used for Republic Day
Center is 13 dots-5 rows. Leave four dots on either side and place 5 dots 4 rows. Join as shown and colour. Those who don't have much space like in flats can draw the center part-Flag with Diyas. That is 5X5 block. 
 This is 13X13 block. 
The Flags on all four sides have been added extra. 5x4 dots-5dots four the center(leaving four on each side. I have added these flags as I thought the 13X13 block was small. 

So friends, pick up the one which suits you and draw it tomorrow. 

Wishing You All Happy Independence Day

Watch out for the Sravana Lakshmi Puja Special Rangoli.....

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