Monday, July 29, 2013

Ear Studs For Kids-2

Here are some more ear studs for kids and teens:

My niece liked them and picked up. These are made of fiber and available in soft pastel colours. Light weight and quite cheap, match with T-shirts, jeans and dresses.

Keep watching for some more in my next posts....

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ear Studs for Kids-1

Last month I went shopping with my niece just before the schools reopened. She picked up some jewellery and accessories. Here is a glimpse:
Well these are butterflies, small and cute ear studs. Available in many colours and quite affordable. My niece just picked up three. These days florescent and soft colours seem to be in fashion with kids and teens.

Some more in my next post......

Friday, July 26, 2013

Improving My Blog

Friends, I have been trying to improve my blog so that those who are visiting my blog can get to see what they want with out any fuss. I have added new pages for -RANGOLI, EMBROIDERY and TUTORIALS, since these seems to be the most popular posts on my blog.

Please do take some time and leave your suggestions for improving my blog. Is there anything annoying or frustrating you when you visit my blog? Are you able to locate easily what you want? What further improvements can I make so that you can easily access posts of my blog.

Content wise is there any thing you want me to write about in may posts. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. 

Since I am better now-though my right arm is still paining-I am going to take up arts and crafts and will try to post regularly. 

Thanks for all your prayers, wishes and your kindness when I was struggling with my life. Many of you-I have not met or know you well. I have known you through your comments or mails.  But still you have all encouraged me, motivated me and stood by me. With out you all, it would have been very difficult for me. I can never forget that. This shows that across the regions, countries, races, cultures and languages, basically the qualities of kindness, love, friendship in short human touch has no barriers. Thanks a lot and God Bless You All. 

I just hope that my posts are useful and helpful to you. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Trendy Ear Rings N Studs - 4

Here are some ear danglers picked up by my niece:

These are made of some metal and coated with glitter. These are light weight and available in different shapes and shades - silver shade with other colours as you can see above. Unfortunately there are no other sizes available, all are big. But those who fancy such bigger ones may go for it as they look very pretty. Since glitter is in fashion these days, they will go well with such dresses too. 

Watch out for more.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Trendy Ear Rings N Studs-3

Here are the beaded ear rings:

 I picked up blue and green ones.

These are available in many colours but in dark shades. Teenagers and those who like to wear this sort of jewellery can pick colours to match their out fits. Good for casual wear. Budget wise also quite easy on our pockets. What do you think?

Watch out for more. ....

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hi There

Hi Friends!  I am trying to rebuild my life after the crisis. At present everything is in chaos.  I need to settle so many issues before I can be free to take up my hobbies or interests or even stick to a routine. 

I am very busy doing all that.-settling financial and personal issues first. Then concentrate on my household issues which I have been neglecting of late. My house needs repairs and renovation. My garden also needs attention as our monsoon is in full swing. This time I want to be self sufficient in many ways. One of them is growing my own veggies or most of them. My health is getting better but still need to go in for some check ups. 

In between all this, I am slowly but steadily organising my stash. Phew a herculean task indeed. Then there are bags and bags of paper cuttings to be sorted. I could only sort and organise a very minuscule part of it. 

In between all these, I am constantly running here and there. But still I am able to pick up some very beautiful and inspiring material for my crafts. I am really dying to work with them. But don't have time. Lots of WIPs and unfinished craft projects to be completed. But my right hand is still troubling me. So cannot work for long periods. 

My computer is also being overhauled. All the data has been removed and saved in external storage, till my computer is cleaned and disinfected, :). So that is one of the reasons, I am not able to post regularly. 

Still watch out for my posts....You may find something new and interesting....