Saturday, May 4, 2013

Designer Coasters and Cup Covers-1

With Sea Shells....

While organising my stash of craft and hobby supplies, I unearthed some coasters made of fine soft wood. They are off-white in colour. Actually I wanted paint on them. Till now I could not do the project. I always pick up some plain ones so that I can add my own creative mark on them and gift it to my friends and relatives.

Today early in the morning around 3.30 am, I got up feeling very uneasy and breathless. So to quite my mind, I started taking deep breaths and tried to divert my mind somewhere else. In the process I remembered these coasters and some ideas flashed through my mind. Immediately, I reached for my journal(which, I always keep near by), in which I jot down my ideas first as they strike me and scribbled on it. Later on I tried some of my ideas.

Well here is one of them...I tried with sea shells.
 This is for the coaster or cushion for cup/glass.
This is matching cup/glass cover or lid. We can just glue these shells using a good glue. These coaster can be painted first as per the kitchen decor and then the shells can be glued.

Here you can see the holes on the shells. Actually these are meant for embroidery. I just tried them on to see how they look and when actually making one, I will use those with out the holes.

So if you like my idea, have some sea shells with you, or you are lucky one living near sea side, pick some up and try it out.

Some more in my next posts.....

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