Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Recycled Crafts-Clock

Clock From Recycled Materials

Though I recycle so many materials and make many articles, I don't find time to share all of them with you. Here are my previous posts on Recycled Crafts:


This time, I share with you a clock made from recycled materials.
This clock was actually made by my brother and it was entirely his idea except for the face of the clock which is a recycled wedding card.

The clock kit is available in the market which includes the arms of the clock. This one is battery operated. The face of the clock is recycled Wedding Card with Ganesha. Entire card was used as it was sturdy enough. This was my idea. 

The numbers came from an old calender. The face of the clock was covered with acetate sheet. Apart from that, pieces of thermocol  were used as the frame on the back side for sticking the wedding card as well as for hiding the clock machine. 

So this is one way to use the wedding cards.

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