Come let us celebrate the Rangoli Fest - 2018-19 from 14th December

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Republic Day Special

27 dots 7 rows in the center, straight dots, 25, 23, 21, to 7. 

Wishing you all                               
A very Happy Republic Day on the 
occasion of 64th Republic Day......

Someone asked me how I get ideas for Rangolis. For this Republic day I wanted to create something different, unique and creative and also big. 

I started as usual with our national flag. Then I went on to add lotus which is our national flower. Then I got stuck. I had lots of dots before me in a haphazard fashion. I kept on trying different shapes. I struggled like that for nearly 2-3 days. Then I thought I could fit in some peacocks(our national bird). But that too was very difficult. I could some how fit the birds. But I struggled with their tails. Once I was satisfied by the peacocks, there still were some loose dots left in the center. Then I drew some lotus buds carried by the peacocks. Suddenly it was a perfect Rangoli. 

My struggles and trails were worth it because this Rangoli gave me immense satisfaction. 

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Anonymous said...

Very creative. Love this