Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Storage for Bangles

Bangles are one of the important item of jewellery for Indian women. They come in many shapes, sizes, materials and colours. I am so fond of them that i have quite a collection. Every time I buy a dress or a sari, I try to buy matching bangles. it is also considered auspicious to buy bangles when we visit temples or go on pilgrimages.  Moreover, young girls, and married women are gifted bangles on various occasions.

Well buying is one thing storing is entirely another. I had a wooden bangle stand. I can store 3 rows on each side.

Then I also used a plastic rectangular container with a lid as the wooden one was not enough. I had to use thick paper separators cut out of card stock to keep the bangles in rows. 
But this was not enough. I searched for a better solution. Boxes padded with velvet were available in various sizes.They are very beautiful and colourful, some richly decorated with laces, coloured stone etc.  But the problem was that the padding was outside too. This would attract a lot of dust and maintaining them is a real headache. So now I bought these made of fiber.
This is how it looks. Made of fiber sheets. The edges are rather sharp. I need to do something about them as I hurt my fingers more than once. It also looks very fragile. I was not really satisfied with the make or the material. But my bangles will be safe from the dust. It is also easy to wipe off any dust or stains from the box. So i just went for them.
It has 6 rods made of soft plastic. I was not too sure that they would hold the weight of some heavier bangles. But I had no choice.
 It has latches to close the box.
This is how I arranged my bangles, carefully managing and balancing the weight of heavier ones and taking care not to pile up all heavier one in one row.
I filled up both the boxes and my wooden stand very tightly and am still left with some more bangles. Need to buy another one.....

All in all though I am not entirely satisfied with the make or the material, the boxes perfectly fit the space in my cupboard and my budget too. All in all it was a good purchase.....  

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Suseela said...


Such a nice collection of bangles.
easy to select what bangles to wear.
If you dont mind, where did you buy the fiber box.