Saturday, December 29, 2012

Storage for Bangles-2

Since I make jewellery and also love to collect some items, I also search for storage solutions as well as containers for carrying them on travels. When it comes to bangles there are many storage solutions available, depending upon our budget, space available and also the quantity of the bangles you have. Also you can have separate boxes for bangles made of gold or precious stones and for ordinary ones which we use frequently.

Here was my previous post on storage for bangles:

Let us now see what else we have.
These are the ones made of walnut wood and available in different sizes as you can see.  These are available with Kashmiri stalls which sell products from Kashmir.They have wooden rods on both sides on which one store the bangles. The major problem is that one has to cover them with see through polythene covers, so that we can see the bangles but save them from the dust.

The one below is locally made and available with our local stores

Oh by the way many queries are pouring in as to where one can get these containers or stands. They are available with stores selling, bangles, novelties or cosmetics and other such ladies items.

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Suseela said...

Hi Sharma,

If you dont mind which city did you purchase yours?