Thursday, December 20, 2012


Hi friends. Sorry I could not post past few days. I scheduled some Rangolis but something was wrong and I didn't have time to check back and see whether my posts were on time or not. 

Well recently I saw in some sites, my Rangolis have been posted after masking the water mark. I usually put the mark a little away from the designs so that people who want to learn these designs should not face any problem and the designs should be clearly visible. It really hurts when I come across such things. First they don't take permission to use my photos. OK  at least they should link back to my site or mention the source(my site) and leave my water mark on them. 

I spend so much time on creating these designs and posting them. Most of them are my own. I can make money by publishing a book instead of sharing them freely with you all, isn't it? But I share them so that one can learn and use them freely, for personal purpose-not post them as their own on their sites. They should really be ashamed of themselves for stealing my work, masking them and posting them as their own. It really put me off. 

But I promised to post many new designs. So here is one Rangoli a traditional combination of water lilies/lotuses and butterflies:
21 dots in the center row, straight dots till 1. Join as shown.


Peggy in Frankfort said...

I am so sorry to hear of those stealing your art. I am always amazed at your creativity and talent,and cannot understand how someone could take and claim what does not belong to them. Know this: they may claim it belongs to them, but we who have followed your blog can recognize your own style and know it is you who made the art. If I see your art anywhere else without your getting credit for it, I will speak up for you. Many Blessings to you, from Peggy

Ms Sharma said...

Oh Thank you so much Peggy. It is friends like you who motive me to create more and more. God Bless You.