Saturday, December 15, 2012


Dhanur Maasam (when Sun enters into Dhanur Raasi or the zodiac sign of Sagittarius) starts from tomorrow. So we start our month long worship of Lord Vishnu also known as Krishna, Kesava, Narayana and many other names. One of the forms of worship is, cleaning our front yards, sprinkling the cow dung mixed in water, and then drawing beautiful Rangolis welcoming the Lord-all this before sun rise. So we get up very early in the morning, take bath and do all this chanting the Lords name.

Some special Rangolis are drawn during this entire month. These Rangolis are drawn with the help of lines or free hand and dots are not used. This is peculiar to Andhra and Tamilnadu states. Here too the Rangolis of Andhra differ from that of TamilNadu as those from Andhra depict or relate to agriculture and are drawn as thanks giving to the Sun who helps the farmers in getting a good crop. These(some) Rangolis are specially drawn during this month and are known as Nela Muggulu. They depict various crops like the paddy ears, pumkins, pathways, different animals and birds etc. Chariot or Ratham Rangolis have a special significance.

You can see the link here where I posted such Rangolis:

These days people unaware of all these things are drawing Rangolis using dots and also because these are easy to draw and can be filled with colours. These traditional Rangolis are on the verge of extinction.

The transit of Sun into the zodiac sign of Makara or Capricorn is celebrated as Makara Sankranti-an agricultural festival. This is a three day festival. One of the main things is drawing of Rangolis.

Ok for now I am posting Rangolis with dots. But I will a also try to post more of our traditional ones too.
15 to 1 straight dots. Join as shown.

Watch out for more new designs.......

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