Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Hello to you all my friends. I am still busy with my work and not able to do much with my crafts nor my blog. I am still organizing all my craft supplies and WIP craft and art projects(in various stages). I am still struggling  with storage solutions.

From 16th of December, the auspicious month of Dhanurmaasam starts. So we have to do our best to draw new Rangolis which are creative, beautiful sometimes big sometimes small depending on the area of our front yards. Well I have already started creating new designs. So brace yourselves. From 15th December, I am going to post new Rangolis daily till Pongal. At least I will try to post as much and as many as I can. 

You are also welcome to send in any designs of Rangolis, so that we all can share it. You can mail me the photos of the Rangolis along with details of no of dots used etc. 

Till then I am taking a break and will not post Rangolis.

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