Monday, December 31, 2012


Here is a bracelet with antique finish. Studded with multi coloured stones and decorated with intricate vine patterns and roses. 
The edges overlap so it can be adjusted to fit the size of our arm. Goes well with similar neck pieces, ear rings and other accessories.

Painted Saris

These days fabric painting is in vogue-on saris, suits and other dresses blended with embroidery or as it is. Here is a sari painted beautifully with birds.  It is pure cotton with blue and yellow borders on either sari. I don't know what to call the colour of the body of the sari-may be grey?
Yellow border on one side. The entire sari is painted with bird motifs in blue yellow and red, like these in small size.
 Blue border on the other side
This is the pallu painted with bigger sized birds.
The borders are also painted very artistically.

The sari is the Bengal cotton sari and has been painted by the artisans from Bengal. Beautiful isn't it it? So we are preparing for the hot summers here ......

Watch out for more....

Rangoli -248

Kalasam and Roses Rangoli

Kalasam or Kumbham means a pot(made of gold, silver, bronze, copper or 5 metals oreven earthenware) decorated with leaves of Mango (or leaves of 5 different trees including mango) and a coconut on the top, smeared with turmeric and vermilion, sometimes tied with sacred thread etc.  The pot may be filled with water or rice, along with flowers, turmeric  and other such items. It is used in auspicious occasions and prayers.

19 to 1 straight dots.

Sunday, December 30, 2012


This is a 6X6 block developed into a bigger Rangoli.  Can be further developed depending upon the space available.

This rangoli is very simple and easy to draw. I you want to colour it, first fill the entire  space with colour or colours of you choice and then draw the Rangoli on it.

Rangoli -246

21 to 1 straight dots.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Storage for Bangles-2

Since I make jewellery and also love to collect some items, I also search for storage solutions as well as containers for carrying them on travels. When it comes to bangles there are many storage solutions available, depending upon our budget, space available and also the quantity of the bangles you have. Also you can have separate boxes for bangles made of gold or precious stones and for ordinary ones which we use frequently.

Here was my previous post on storage for bangles:

Let us now see what else we have.
These are the ones made of walnut wood and available in different sizes as you can see.  These are available with Kashmiri stalls which sell products from Kashmir.They have wooden rods on both sides on which one store the bangles. The major problem is that one has to cover them with see through polythene covers, so that we can see the bangles but save them from the dust.

The one below is locally made and available with our local stores

Oh by the way many queries are pouring in as to where one can get these containers or stands. They are available with stores selling, bangles, novelties or cosmetics and other such ladies items.

Beaded Bracelet

These days beaded jewellery is in vogue. Here is a beaded braided bracelet.
 It is braided.
It has opening so the size can be adjusted. These bracelets are available in single or more than one colour combination of beads. My niece selected a multi coloured one as it will match with any dress. These are cheap enough and hit with young girls and teens.


21 to 1 straight dots

Meenakari Ear Danglers

Look at these. Red, blue and green combination. Aren't they looking cute?

The smaller jhumki is attached to the center of the bigger jhumki.  This is one of the pair. I could not photograph both at the same time.

Rangoli - 244

21 to 1 straight dots.

Friday, December 28, 2012


12 to 1-straight dots. This can be increased by adding more dots for a bigger Rangoli.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Meenakari Ear Danglers

A classic combination of red, green, yellow, white and blue. Will match any dress. Known as Jhumkis, Jhumkas in Hindi and jukaalu or buttalu in telugu. You can see the double danglers-one small and the other big.

Rangoli- 242

17 to 1 straight dots.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Meenakari Ear Danglers

Here is a rare one. Combination of Blue and white with blue beads. They are cute and since rare to find I picked them up.
The design on the danglers is also contemporary and different. Ethnic but a touch of latest fashion. Isn't it?


12 dots center row, 11 dots (in between), 10, 9...till 1. This can also be drawn with flowers side up and at the bottom.

Monday, December 24, 2012


19 to 1 straight dots. Join as shown.

Crocheted Christmas Tree

While searching for Christmas trees, I landed here- a Crocheted Christmas Tree by Helen Free. It is so beautiful. The instructions for the tree are here:

Visit the site. There are many more free patterns and basics of Crochet, techniques and many more. The designs are beautiful and very creative. 

Meenakari Ear Danglers

Ear danglers, colourful but light weight with Meenakari work:
Orange and green combination with orange beads goes well with silks, satins and any dress or sari. This is a classic combination of colours. Looks ethnic and traditional. These are available in bigger and smaller sizes. This one is medium size. 
A closer look. 

More to watch out....


Hi Friends! It is Holiday time for all who are celebrating Christmas and New Year. So I am going to post some links to Freebies. Here is one which gives you lot of Free vectors : 

Lots of free icons, vectors, patterns and much more. Some of them can be used for painting and embroidery too. So just drop in and have a look. 


Flower Garden 

!5 dots 5 rows in the center, 13, 11.....till 5 dots. Join as shown.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Another Lotus/Water Lilly Rangoli. I love these flowers. We offer them white, blue or pink ones to God/Goddess. 

21 dots 7 rows in the center, 19, 17, 15...till 7 dots. Join as shown.

Twin Souls

I happened to see these two butterflies in my garden.
They were so quick, flying all over my garden. I could not get them properly on my camera. This was the best I could do.