Saturday, October 27, 2012


Hi Friends!. I have been busy with renovation going on in my home. I scheduled some posts on Rangolis for Dasarah. But something went wrong and they were not posted. I did not find time to check up. I am sorry about that. I will keep those aside for now till i can fix it.

For the time being a part of the renovation work has been done. We have stopped the work for some time to get things organised and also because of the festivals. Dasarah is over. This year I had the satisfaction of staying at home and observing certain rituals for all the ten days. These ten days are considered very auspicious for spiritual practices. 

I am yet to fully organise my things- especially craft books, stash and other materials properly. I just dumped the sacks in the shelves. While packing I just put them in what ever plastic bag or box I could find. Now I need to go through them and properly group the material craft wise and then store them. It will take a long time. 

I have many WIPs in various stages which I had to keep aside because of dust. Now I think I will have to slowly pick them up one by one. But first I need to make a list of them and the amount of work still to be done to complete them, whether any material is required for that and how much time I have to spend on them. Then I will have to prioritize them. Only then I can make some progress. I hope I can complete them one by one.

With Diwali-the festival of lights around the corner, we are slowly preparing for that. The the month following Diwali is also very important for us.

I am going to post some Rangolis and crafts specially for Diwali.....enjoy them...Keep watching my blog.....

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