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Friday, September 14, 2012

Threshold Art-4

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Here is a picture of the doorway sent by Ranjana Shankar:
It looks quite old. The massive doorway, the fine carving on it prove that. It would be made of teak I think. It is really beautiful. 
I remember, that in my childhood I use to see such beautifully made doors, very huge and highly carved. The carvings could be that of Ganesha(elephant God), Lakshmi(Goddess of wealth), or elephants, peacocks etc. The most common  would be floral vines, lotuses etc.

The rich, landlords, or the business community would have their homes full of such beautiful doors,doorways, windows, cupboards, furniture and four poster beds.
Now a days except for the rich, one cannot afford such beautiful things.

Thank you Ranjana for sharing it with us. 

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