Saturday, May 12, 2012

Half Chevron Stitch-2

TAST-2012-Week 19-Half Chevron Stitch

Well I have been quite busy during the week on the work front. So I could only try a few stitches for my sampler. Since one of the challenges is to combine various stitches along with this stitch, I have done my sampler accordingly. Here they are:
1.  Half Chevron Stitch (HCS) with Cretan Catch Stitch and + Stitch
2. HCS laced with beads
3. HCS with Tete de Boeuf Stitch

4. Double HCS(facing each other) with beads
5. HCS with Buttonhole Wheels(half) and beads
6. HCS with Detached Chain, Beads and Stem Stitch

7. HCS with Wheat Ear Stitch, round and bugle beads
 8. HCS with Zig Zag Chain and Slipped Detached Chain Stitch

I am still doodling so watch out for more....


Shanky Jindal said...

Good one...

crazyQstitcher said...

I like all of your samples.

Masha Novoselova said...

so interesting stitches!! I love all!!

hugs, Masha

Ms Sharma said...

Thanks a lot friends.

Anonymous said...

All the variations are very beautiful I love 4th and 5th on.