Monday, May 7, 2012

Crossed Buttonhole Stitch-2

TAST-2012-Week-18-Crossed Buttonhole Stitch 

It is very hot here with temperatures soaring to an unbearable  levels. With power cuts it is really very difficult. One feels drained and listless at the end of the day. Completing the daily chores in itself is a challenging task. Therefore I could not accomplish much though i had many ideas in my mind. 

Any way here is my second set:
Stitches with different heights, with different shades of same colour stitched one upon another, and stitches in the last two rows were stitched one way first(left to right) and then  in reverse direction stitching in the same holes.
I think it is clear form this picture. I have used two colours in the last row to make it clear.

May be I will post more some time later.....Watch out....

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