Saturday, April 7, 2012

Flower Sampler-1

I wanted to stitch some samplers exploring different stitches and also on different themes. I am just doodling. Once I have done enough I will stitch them properly onto a sampler.

Moreover, this is summertime and holidays for children and young people. Many of them wanted to learn embroidery. It is fun to teach them. So I am also exploring along with them various stitches. sometimes, fresh minds give us many creative ideas then the professional ones.

Here is a glimpse of the sampler I am making on flowers:

 Each one of these is different from the other.
I am basically exploring, detached chain, and fly stitches. I will post tutorials shortly. I have done considerable number of motifs but need to photograph them.

Oh I am also working on my shisha sampler. Many people wanted me to post tutorials.I have already posted some of the basics. need to post the remaining ones. But my main problem is photographing them properly. Any way I am also going to post them quite soon.

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libbyquilter said...

it's so important to pass along these skills to our children as often they get mostly technological instruction and influence. good for you for mentoring these young and creative minds~!

i agree, it's surprising how a child will play with a new idea and not being intimidated by the 'rules' so much, often come up with fantastic variations~!!~


hyd said...


Ms Sharma said...

Thanks a lot libby Q and hyd