Friday, January 20, 2012

Feather Stitch-1

TAST 2012-3rd Week- Feather Stitch

So Friends I missed out on the first two weeks. That I will catch up with later. 

Here is Sharon's TAST 2012 Challenge-Week 3

Here is my first batch of Feather Stitch Sampler.
1. Feather Stitch
2. Straight Feather Stitch
3. Closed Feather Stitch
4. Straight Double Feather Stitch
5. Straight Triple Feather Stitch
6. Slanted Feather Stitch or Thorn Stitch or Briar Stitch
7. Slanted Feather Stitch Variation and Interlaced Slanted Feather Stitch
8. Triple Slanted Feather Stitch
9. Long Armed Feather Stitch or Spine Stitch
10. Single Feather Stitch

Well there is more to come. Moreover this time though I would be working a sampler with different fabrics, different weights of threads, beads combination of different threads as usual among other things, I want to do something different.

That is something, which I am toying with, trying out different ideas. So that will come out much later...

Keep an eye on blog....


Maggi said...

Lovely stitches. I look forward to seeing the different ideas that you are thinking about.

Ms Sharma said...

Thank You Maggi

Raphaela said...

So many variations and beautifully stitched.

Ms Sharma said...

Thank You Raphaela