Thursday, January 26, 2012


Republic Day Special

13X13 dots.



Here are some pictures of the Rangoli I drew on the occasion Of Republic Day today:

 This one is the main Rangoli-Short and Sweet-5X5 block. 
The one above is the Six pointed star done in Tri colours.
Below are all the borders

Wishing you all a very Happy Republic Day


Indian Flag

Wishing You All 

       A Very Happy  

           Republic Day

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Republic Day Special

Here are some free hand borders for Republic Day:

Use three coloured powders(Orange, White and Green) for drawing. I have not used white as it cannot be seen. 


Republic Day Special

A small and simple Rangoli for Republic Day. Apart from Tricolour Flag, I have used Lotus as this is our national flower.
Number of dots for this Rangoli are 15 dots per row-13 rows-i.e. 15X13. Join as shown. Very easy isn't it?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Feather Stitch-7

TAST-2012-3rd Week-Feather Stitch

Some more experiments with Feather Stitch.

Though I have many ideas, I think I will just try them out and post them later as 4th weeks stitch has been announced.

I am busy

Hi friends...with the TAST Challenge and some other things both at home and work front I am busy these days. I am enjoying TAST challenge. I wish I had more time for exploring the stitches. Any way, I can always note down my ideas and explore them later.

With Republic day and Ratha Saptami approaching, I need to create some Rangolis for the occasion. I love creating new ones for each occasion....I don't have much time for my other projects. they are unfinished and need to be finished..May be this week end I can do something....

Well let us see....

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Feather Stitch-5

TAST 2012-3rd Week-Feather Stitch

The last one is detached Chain Stitch anchored with French Knots. Well my French Knots are not neat-need more out for more....

Feather Stitch -4

TAST 2012-3rd week-Feather Stitch

 Slanted Feather Stitch circle, with detached Chain  Stitch as leaves and beads for berries. Looks like a wreath. I could have done better with the circular shape.
 You can see the detached Chain with the beads.
This is one sided Feather Stitch circle with beads.

Feather Stitch-3

TAST-2012-3rd Week-Feather Stitch

Feather Stitch in combination with different Stitches

 Feather Stitch with detached chain. This gives the affect of wheat ears, grasss etc.
The first one is with French knots, the second- beads and the last one with Bullion Stitches. You should forgive me for my bullion Stitches. I was too lazy to pull out my needles suitable for these and even then I have not perfected this stitch.

Watch out for more....

Feather Stitch-2

TAST 2012-3rd week-Feather Stitch

Feather Stitch  is one of my favourites. I stitched it on a sari. Here is the link and details:

Hope you like it.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Feather Stitch-1

TAST 2012-3rd Week- Feather Stitch

So Friends I missed out on the first two weeks. That I will catch up with later. 

Here is Sharon's TAST 2012 Challenge-Week 3

Here is my first batch of Feather Stitch Sampler.
1. Feather Stitch
2. Straight Feather Stitch
3. Closed Feather Stitch
4. Straight Double Feather Stitch
5. Straight Triple Feather Stitch
6. Slanted Feather Stitch or Thorn Stitch or Briar Stitch
7. Slanted Feather Stitch Variation and Interlaced Slanted Feather Stitch
8. Triple Slanted Feather Stitch
9. Long Armed Feather Stitch or Spine Stitch
10. Single Feather Stitch

Well there is more to come. Moreover this time though I would be working a sampler with different fabrics, different weights of threads, beads combination of different threads as usual among other things, I want to do something different.

That is something, which I am toying with, trying out different ideas. So that will come out much later...

Keep an eye on blog....

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Time for ......

Hi friends. Finally our biggest festival Sankranti is over. It had been very hectic for the past few weeks. Starting from Dushera, festivals and other religious occasions come one after the other. Dushera Diwali, New Year, Dhanurmaasam where one has to observe all rituals including the drawing of Rangoli for a month finally our Sankranti festival. This means lot of preparations at home, cooking huge quantities, spring cleaning our homes and surroundings, refurnishing and refurbishing, visiting temples..

To top it all we have a steady flow of friends and relatives dropping in at all times, going out with them to visit places and temples, picnicking, shopping. It is fun to bond with them, some times with those we have not seen for long. We also have some marriages and other such functions during this period. If it involves our close friends or relatives, we have more work on our hands.

But juggling, all this and work is a real headache and tiring. Everything goes haywire. And the icing of the cake is that children have holidays during this period. They keep on playing with their friends, don't bother to study, or complete their assignments and projects and keep barging in for snacks and drinks..Phew 

Now every one is back to their schedule. At least that gives us some breathing space. I feel tired and need to rest. Funny but true that holidays are very tiring and we don't get any rest.

Till now I had to concentrate on Rangoli designs. I am happy that I could create some very beautiful ones and have noted down so many ideas for new ones. But I need a break from them.

I now need to concentrate on other things. TAST 2012 has already begun. I started some doodling on the stitches but could not come out with much. Now I need to strictly follow the challenge.

I will also post Mirror Work Tutorials. I just din't have time for anything else during these past weeks. I am also planing to finish my on hand projects and also have some new ones lined up...let us see... by this week end I will organise everything properly.

Keep an eye on my blog .....