Monday, December 19, 2011


Nela Muggulu

Nela Muggulu means those Rangolis which are specially drawn during the auspicious month of Dhanurmasam-that is the month before the festival of Sankranti  or Pongal. Sankranti is an agricultural festival, celebrating thanks giving to Sun God, for the bountiful agricultural produce. This is also the month when Lord Vishnu is worshipped. 

The Rangolis drawn during this month are special, meant for Thanking Sun God and also for praying to Lord Vishnu. These are drawn using lines (no dots) and are peculiar to Andhra State. The people of Krishna Guntur, Prakasam and especially Coastal districts draw these designs. But now these are all disappearing and only modern Rangolis with dots are being drawn.

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 The leaves denote the crop or agricultural produce.

 These are pumpkins, a favourite of our state.
These denote the Paddy Ears.

There are many more like these which my maternal Grandmother used to draw. But alas! I could not note them down and now most of this type of Rangoli is disappearing.

My request to all those who happen to see this post is, kindly mail me photos or drawings of such type of Rangolis and any details known about them please. I am trying to save these for the next generations.