Thursday, November 17, 2011

Meenakari Ear Rings

Of  late I have been following the latest fads and fashions in jewellery as I am creating some pieces my self. I am really fascinated by the variety our Indian markets offer us. These range from antique designs to the most latest and modern pieces. One of them I love is Meenakari or enamelled jewellery. These are enamel paint on metal surface-not too costly but very beautiful. Here are some I just could not resist picking up:

Look at these above. They have tiny hibiscus flowers on the corners-red and blue with green leaves in the between. You can see the small pearls and the kundan drops dangling below.
 This is how it looks up close.
Here is one in maroon red. 

I just could not resist these beautiful ear rings. But I am yet to get matching necklace to wear with them. This always happens with me as I pick up individual pieces and try to make a set out of them. It takes a long time and patience and also a very good memory to  scour the markets, exhibitions/sales to find the pieces to make an entire set with in the budget. 

Keep watchin....for I have more to share with many lovely pieces...

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